Supporting a community in

In 2017 our Founder Sarah-Jane O’Hara visited Malawi, Africa on a Human Kind Project leadership trip, to view the work of the Hunger Project. In her time in Malwai, SJ visited the community of Nchalo, and made a pledge along with other trippers to fund the community to self reliance.

Our Nchalo partners still require our leadership and resources to enable them to achieve their goals over the next 3 years.

Investment committed by Human Brand Story, will help build the skills and capacities of local leaders so they are fully skilled, confident and capable of managing the Epicentre’s operations in a sustainable way.

Every branding project we work on,

creates generational change.

From strengthening Microfinance to building further health and water facilities, the work invested in the community means they can continue to grow and develop independent of The Hunger Project’s support from 2019 onwards.

The Hunger Project has worked together with the 37,483 women and men across 24 villages at Nchalo Epicentre in the Chikwawa district in southern Malawi since 2000, empowering them to end their own hunger.