+ Working with Grace Village.

Grace Village is set to disrupt the childcare industry with their vision to create something childlike and magical.

Ray Grace came to us in need of a brand to match that vision and like many of our clients Ray had just been through another agency, but was left feeling disconnected to the final branding.

His vision was one of imagination and pushing the boundaries of an industry and what he wanted… was a story.


+ Our insight.

Start with stories and the imagination of a child. Witches potions, space ships, wild forests and dinosaurs. We knew for this project we had to connect to that magical place where everything is possible and tapping into that sense of wonder was the key.

Sticks were no longer sticks, but wooden spoons to mix a deadly witches potion. Flying into space was a regular occurrence and the future of these tiny humans was anything they wanted it to be. From rock stars to archaeologists… Everything was possible.


+ Our discoveries.

What we uncovered was a world where kids could let their imagination run wild. Where learning is through playing and experiences. Every meal was a chance to understand the world and collecting twigs and leaves led to understanding the life of a tree.

And after visiting Grace Village we can say without a shadow of a doubt this early learning experience is unlike anything we have ever seen… Child Care Reimagined!

“My biggest thing was creating the story behind what we envisioned. For me to be able to express that, I needed someone else to understand that and no one was understanding that until we came across SJ."

Ray Grace, founder Grace Village