+ Working with Classic.

Classic Finance is finance with soul. All the things that you think of, when you think finance… Classic embodies none of them.

Instead, Classic founder Nancy Youseff is a vibrant entrepreneur with two missions:
To help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their wealth and changing the world through finance.

As well as running a finance brand that really does connect with its clients, Nancy also runs an education course for people wanting to break into the finance world. This is Classic Mentoring.


+ Our insight.

Connection, Finance and Giving Back.

When we sat down with Nancy, she had just been on a transformational leadership trip to Malawi and was feeling disconnected from her brand. She needed a way to connect her inspiration with her entrepreneurial clientele and build giving back into the DNA of her brand.

We knew we had to create a brand that celebrated the success that comes with being a driven business leader but also grounded and connected with purpose.

Because ultimately, as an entrepreneur committed to changing the world, the more you earn the more impact you can create.


+ Our discoveries.

What we created with Classic Finance was one of our favourite branding projects with one of our favourite clients.

Inviting and connected, the brand celebrates success and everything that comes with it without being showy. And dare we say – Classic makes finance look sexy. After unpacking the values and core beliefs of Classic in our strategic Embed Giving session, we created an amazing give back strategy.

Every home loan Classic settles contributes to building the futures, of families in Africa. Through microfinance they are able to build their business, build their wealth and build a thriving community. When you enrol in Classic Mentoring, Classic Finance supports an entrepreneur in Africa through microfinance, allowing them to grow their business as you grow yours.

Our work with Nancy is definitely making the brag board. It’s just simple, effective design that changes the world.

"Working with SJ and the HBS team has been nothing short of exciting! They listened to our vision, resonated with our ideas and brought our brand to life. 


When they presented our final concept, it felt like unpacking a gorgeous surprise and the whole team was so excited with our new look.  From filming, to photography and collateral, it's been fantastic to work with such a passionate, vibrant, dynamic... and FUN branding team!"


- Nancy Youssef, founder Classic -