+ Working with
Christie Spaces.

Robert Christie is a man with vision and a gift that many great entrepreneurs have… he can see where an industry is heading.

Christie’s has a long history in serviced offices, but as Rob analysed the market he saw times were changing and he needed to shake up his model and rebrand his business.

So we started our journey to rebrand Christie Spaces and illustrate the shift from Serviced Offices sporting blue carpet to a stylish, modern Coworking Space.

What a journey it has been!


+ Our insight.

Work. Life. Freedom.

As we unpacked the brand, we found at its core that Christie Spaces believed in helping businesses grow and creating an environment that offers everything you need to make that growth as seamless as possible. This is their ‘Why’.

As time and technology moves on – the way we work changes and Christie Spaces recognised the need for flexible working space with opening hours that work around you and allow you to upsize and downsize as and when you need.

On a deeper level than that, Christie believes in the people who grow these businesses and from that insight we began to build a give back strategy that invests in those people.


+ Our discoveries.

What we created with Christie Spaces was a brand that believes in business, with a give back strategy at the core of their DNA.

Every member that joins Christie Spaces helps support a family in need to begin a small business through microfinance.

Work is no longer a simple measure of nine-to-five. With smartphones and emails, we are always on. Your work and your life are now one beast and you need a space that works for you. A space that takes care of all the extra stuff so you can get down to doing what you do best and grow your great ideas.

We built a brand that believes you need to be connected to a community of like-minded humans… a brand that invest in their members and in entrepreneurs around the world and helps you grow your business.

We built a brand that believes in Work. Life. Freedom.

“Working with Sj and the HBS team on Christie Spaces re-brand and give back strategy has been an excellent and refreshing experience.

Sj's passion to incorporate strategy and purpose behind every step of the project has been good to see.


I am really  very happy with the outcome and look forward to continued work with HBS!”

- Robert Christie, founder of Christie Spaces -